Breakthru is an organizational tool that aids users to be more productive in their work environment by cultivating emotional wellness.

We want to help your employees.

Our product allows complete anonymity, problem- solution diagnosis, active stress management to help form an empowered community of employees. We offer more than your HR department by customizing for your company on an individual, safe and risk-aversive way. We can save you money. Our thoroughly researched features target the mental and emotional wellness of your workers. We can increase productivity in your workplace and save you money as we strive to improve the mental health of your employees. We can help your company. Each year, 2 million Americans report cases of workplace violence, and many of these cases go unreported. You have a chance to make your company great. We are providing you with the opportunity to do that.


  • Complete anonymity
  • Problem - Solution diagnosis
  • Active stress management
  • Office-wide stress indicator